Lord Daryun

BreedGerman Shepherd Dog
Registered asGerman Shepherd Longcoated (non FCI)
Altdeutscher Schäferhund / Old Style GSD
Colour / MarkingsRecessive Black
Height64 cm
Weight37 kg
Wolf content0 %


Daryun combines well known DDR and British breeding lines. Daryun is a loyal and intelligent, medium drive dog that loves to please (and be pleased, because he’s a cuddly teddy bear). He behaves gentle towards kids and other animals, adjusting his actions to their size and age. This being said, he enjoys some rough play with an equal playmate, just as much as caring for a new-born kitten. He pays little attention to strangers and is generally friendly. He’s a quiet and laid back boy indoors, who has no barking nor destructive tendencies. Daryun is a great entertainer and up for any of your plans, always happy to join. Daryun has a strong body frame with symmetrical proportions from both of his parents and a beautiful back line and a dense coat. Despite his massive head shape and powerful appearance, his moves are smooth and elegant. Thanks to his uncomplicated nature and distinctive senses he’s a reliable guardian. He’s the gem of a companion. 


– Daryun loves kittens. He secretly steals them out of their basket, puts them into his own bed. Then he moves them into one corner, lays next to them and cleans them or carefully plays with them.

Usability Profile

Health and DNA Tests

HD HD – A (Clear)
ED ED – 0/0 (Clear)
OCD (Elbows and shoulders)Clear
Back/Spine7 vertebrae
DNA TestResults
MDR1N/N Clear
Degenerative MyelopathyN/N Clear
DentitionComplete Scissor bite
Embark COI26 %