Gunsmoke Gemma Fenris Fangs

BreedGerman Shepherd Dog
RegisteredGerman Shepherd Longcoated (non FCI)
ColourDark Silver
Height61 cm
Weight32 kg
Wolf content0 %
Breeding damSporadically


Next to Halo, Gemma is one of our biggest girls and she also produces big and heavy bone puppies. A medium drive and medium energy dog. Gemma knows no aggression at all, she’s a very friendly and confident dog, open to everyone. She loves other dogs and she is very playful. Though she is passively dominant, she will always stay polite towards other dogs but she knows her skills. She fits perfectly in the pack and adjusts easily to every situation. She is fearless and curious, very obedient and much of a snuggle bug, always loving to be close to you but independent enough to stay home quietly without causing any trouble. She’s an easy going girl and she learns quickly. Gemma’s puppies are very sweet. Depending on the sire her puppies are suitable for service- or guidance dog work, sportive activities or simply as family dog. Since her puppies are all big, we don’t recommend her puppies for dog sports like agility. She’s a very good mother and loves to be with her puppies and the pack.

Trivia: Gemma was a bouncy and adventurous puppy. Her face was so cute, always watching you with head tilts and always up for any kind of nonsense. Though Vergil loves to play with puppies, this little bunny was a hand full for him. It’s funny how she turned out such a good and obedient girl she is now, with a perfect on and off switch.

Health- and DNA Tests

HD HD-A (Clear)
ED ED-0/0 (Clear)
OCD (Elbows and shoulders)Clear
OLO/LÜWType 0 (Clear)
Spine8 vertebrae
DNA TestResults
MDR1N/N Clear
Degenerative MyelopathyN/N Clear
DentitionComplete Scissor bite
Embark COI25 %