U Go Girl Halo Des Ambres Sera

BreedGerman Shepherd Dog
RegisteredGerman Shepherd Longcoated (non FCI)
Altdeutscher Schäferhund / Old Style GSD
ColourBlue Smoke/Seal
Height62 cm
Weight 30 kg
Wolf Content0 %
Breeding damYes

Character description

Our Halo is a very sweet girl. She likes everyone and everything and loves to keep herself busy with the ‘small’ things in life. Children, puppies, kittens, leaves, small branches, etc. The smaller, the better. She’s very gentle, calm and curious towards people and she loves visitors too. Halo is rather the silent dog and communicates mainly with her eyes and body. She tends to have a look first, before she decides what to do with it. Halo is highly sensitive for changes based on energy, especially negative energy in humans. Though she is the quiet and calm type, I can see on her when something is not right and once she reacts in form of barking or growling which happens rarely, then there’s a good reason for it. She is like a fear-sensor when children and animals appear insecure, she will wait until they do their first step towards her or she moves backwards to give them more space. Halo helped a few children to overcome their fear and we’ve met a few moms being surprised about their kids showing interest in Halo and petting her head, while their kids would never approach a dog. Halo also knows how to cheer you up when you don’t feel well. She’s a cuddly girl and loves her quality time on the couch.

Halo may not appear dominant at all if you meet her, but she gains all the respect when she meets other dogs. She behaves calm and confident and it’s interesting to see how other dogs welcome her. Eventually dogs feel safe with her, because insecure dogs often choose to accompany her. Halo likes all animals. Horse, dog, sheep, duck or rabbit makes no difference. Cats in house are her friends too and when Elmo joins us on walks, jumping and running around she won’t even have a look. Strange cats that may run away are a different story. Obviously it’s her herding drive and curiosity, not that much her hunting instinct. She will stop her approach when called and she has no intention in hurting the other animal.

While she is the independent type of dog, she is obedient and reliable. Smart as she is, she can be sneaky sometimes and she knows pretty well how to open every door. Wherever you go you can take her with you, she’s a well mannered girl, maintaining a low profile. She knows mushing commando’s and is a calm and reliable leading dog, but she considers pulling alone as boring. Halo prefers nose-work, but she is definitely a dog that will obey and give her best, even when she is going beyond her limits.

In the past years the GSD lover’s trend moved towards the heavy and massive type. We like them strong boned, yet we tend to breed the long legged, medium weight type of working types to keep them agile and athletic. Too much weight may influence health and performance in work or sports. Halo has the classic and old-school GSD build as it was invented back then. She produces long legged and tall puppies, which is beneficial to breed both ways. The athletic wolf-type GSD and also the well-muscled, heavier type.

Blue is according to the breed standard an unrecognized colour. Breeding healthy blue dogs is also a matter of extensive documentation and strict selection. Halo is one of very few CDA clear blue German Shepherds worldwide. If you want to learn more about blue coated GSDs, check out our Blue GSD FAQs: https://www.fenrisfangs.com/en/bluegsd/

Halo, same as her son Vergil express the seal-pattern (smoke) and with every change of light and perspective their coat shines in colours from steel-blue, bronze to almost black. Halo’s gentle temperament is well known and has been passed on since several generations. Wherever I take her, people love her and her puppy’s owners are very happy with her offspring. Very likely we will see some of them being trained as therapy-dog or service-dog in near future.

For me, Halo is a very special dog. I can’t remember that I ever really trained her (mainly to keep her personality pure) and still, she seems to understand every word I say and is very obedient and caring.


– Halo can open almost every door, even crates with safety lock. She also does not like it when other dogs are locked up. I once saw her in the mirror, chasing my car and she also locked me out twice. The first time she managed to re-open the door open for me, the second time she closed the safety locks too and we ended up stupidly looking at each other.

– When Halo was a puppy, she was the chubbiest puppy in the litter and had a round face and ears like Yoda from Star Wars. She was such a cute puppy.

Usability profile

Health- and DNA Tests

HD HD-A (Clear)
ED ED-0 (Clear)
LSR/LÜWType 0 (Clear)
Spine7 vertebrae
DNA TestResults
MDR1N/N (Clear)
DM – Degenerative MyelopathyDM/N (Carrier)
CDA AlopeciaClear
DentitionComplete Scissor bite
Embark COI38 %