Cobra Hayabusa Luna Del Lupo

BreedGerman Shepherd Dog (DNA tested 100%)
RegisteredGerman Shepherd Longcoated (non FCI)
Altdeutscher Schäferhund / Old Style GSD
ColourDark Silver Sable
Height57 cm
Weight30 kg
Wolf Content0 %
Breeding damYes


Her name sounds tough, but actually there’s also a little princess hiding behind it. She appears tough on the outside, yet she is sweet girl with a loving demeanor. If you sit down with her for a few minutes, you’re going to see that she’s not making a secret of her emotions. Her gaze and the ears say almost everything about her and sometimes you can really laugh at how well she can communicate with it. She is a real family dog, soft, unobtrusive and cheerful. Though she is very master-oriented and prefers to be with her owner, she obeys naturally to everyone in the family and people around. Hayabusa is not easily impressed and avoids confrontations in general. With strangers, she’s aloof but always friendly. In her familiar surroundings, she can completely loosen up and then make her name all the credit. She is therefore a great playmate for puppies and other dogs. She loves to run through the forest or over the meadow when she gets permission and sometimes she hunts mice on the farm. Even though Hayabusa is our smallest girl, her puppies are quite large. She has a very beautiful, expressive head, beautiful silver coat and light-colored eyes that round off her wolf-like appearance. She is very flexible due to her compact physique and can run and jump just like a rabbit. Hayabusa is super cuddly and literally sticks to you during tv time and can enjoy snuggles for hours, but she loves running and jumping just as much. She is quite smart, which makes her very suitable for sports. Trailing is i think her favorite, but she loves the dog school too. While she is silent dog most of the time, she is a good guardian on the property. 

Usability Profile

Health- and DNA Tests

HD HD – A (Clear)
ED ED – 0/0 (Clear)
OCD (Elbows and shoulders)Clear
Spine7 vertebrae
DNA testResults
MDR1N/N Clear
DM – Degenerative MyelopathyN/N Clear