Bellevue’s Ozai Zaheer

Our sunshine and dearly loved family member, Ozai. It weighs like a heavy cloud on our heart. You left so suddenly, the best years still for you to come. Somehow it still feels unreal, a whirlwind of thoughts, and the words seem stuck in our heart.

A few days ago you were happily enjoying the summer breeze, sitting on your beloved spot, playing with the kids, roaming your huge property. Chasing rabbits off your ground, one of many favourite activities of yours and probably the last, as one of those critters meant to change your future days diary when you became unwell suddenly, your temperature hitting the top. Caring hands took you to the vet immediately and the x-rays gave a clear diagnose, spleen torsion. The emergency surgery went well, your life could have continued normally, even without spleen. We worried the night as your temperature was still high, but the next day everything went back to normal and your vet check promised a great recovery. Everything was arranged to make the coming weeks as comfortable as possible for you and your happiness came back. At night you came for a hug and some cuddles, as usual before you walked back to your basket. We didn’t know it was your last good bye, as a few hours later you seemed to sleep so peacefully when your heart stopped beating and you left us.

We hope you have passed the rainbow bridge as peacefully as it seemed for us. The emptiness you leave behind, can’t be replaced. We will find you between the stars. When our time has come, we know you’ll be waiting for us at the gate as you always did. Run free, boy. We will miss you terribly.