Vahriz Iroh Arash Fenris Fangs

BreedGerman Shepherd Dog (UKC/NVBK)
RegisteredGerman Shepherd Longcoated (non FCI)
Altdeutscher Schäferhund / Old Style GSD
ColourTricolor Sable
Height64.5 cm
Weight36 kg
Wolf Content0 %
Standing StudYes


Iroh is a son of our Jia. His friendly and open character, along with his special coat color, provide him of a big Fanclub. He is a confident guy and can be a show-off by times, but in a very sweet and sincere way. Like his mother Jia, he loves harmony. With the cats in the house, he gets along very well. He is calm and because he’s a big teddy-bear, he will lay next to you on the couch or at your feet. Iroh has a good ball drive, a lot of energy and is very loyal to his owner. He has his own opinion on most things, but will always and immediately accept the word of his master. Towards other dogs he is very social and also knows how to adapt to the little ones. Iroh has big paws, heavy bones and a nice body ratio. He looks just like his father and has the same friendly, brown eyes. His coat has a perfect length and structure, making it easy to maintain and it reflects his special coat colour beautifully. Unfortunately the pictures cannot display his true beauty. 



– There is one advertising spot on dutch TV he either hates (or loves) and he will start howling as soon as it is casted. That is the only moment he does that, otherwise he never howls. 

– When Iroh was a puppy with 6 weeks of age he had his own daily ritual. When he and his sibling were released from the den to go outside for potty in the morning, all ran out, except Iroh. He came to me and sat next to me because he wanted cuddles. He was very strict in that. No cuddles – no potty. 

Usability Profile

Health- and DNA Tests

HD HD – A (Clear)
ED ED – 0/0 (Clear)
OCD (Elbows and shoulders)Clear
LÜWType 0 (Clear)
Back/Spine7 vertebrae
DNA TestResults
MDR1N/N (Clear)
DM – Degenerative MyelopathyN/N (Clear)
DentitionComplete Scissor bite
Embark COI27 %