Sterling Samurai Fenris Fangs

BreedGerman Shepherd Dog
RegisteredOld Style German Shepherd
German Shepherd Longcoated (non FCI)
ColourMaskless Silver Sable
Height66 cm
Weight42 kg
Wolf content0 %
Breeding sireYes


Samurai is a friendly dog with a solid personality, open and polite towards other dogs. He loves people and despite of his size he is mellow and a wonderful family dog. Samurai is obedient and loyal, low to medium energy with low prey drive. He loves long walks with his master or together with other dogs. He’s definitely no trouble seeker and has a high tolerance. Samurai has his father’s strong build and lovely coat texture. For his age he has a very masculine head and impressing proportions. His bright eyes and clear markings drags a lot of attention. We’re curious how he will turn out once he is 4 years old. Though he is a silent dog, he will tell you a complete story if he does not share your opinion and his dictionary contains a lot of funny sounds. He’s pretty much a goof bag and while he is not the biggest hero at the vet, he will for sure entertain all waiting patients in the room with his charm and lovely attitude. He’s the superstar, wherever he goes he has full attention.

Samurai is preferably used as sire for litters desired to become family dog quality or for service/therapy dog purpose.  He’s experienced and easy to manage in natural breeding, same as artificial inseminations.


  • We did not intend to keep him when he was a puppy, but for whatever reason he found a hidden door into our hearts and we are very happy he is with us.

Usability Profile

Health- and DNA Tests

HD HD-A (Clear)
ED 0/0 (Clear)
OCD (Elbows and shoulders)Clear
OLO/LÜWType 0 (Clear)
Spine7 vertebrae
DNA TestResults
MDR1N/N Clear
Degenerative MyelopathyN/N Clear
DentitionScissor bite
Embark COI25 %