Alpha & Omega Vergil Fenris Fangs

BreedGerman Shepherd Dog
RegisteredGerman Shepherd Longcoated (non FCI)
Altdeutscher Schäferhund / Old Style GSD
ColourBlue Smoke/Seal
Height64.5 cm
Weight38 kg
Wolf Content0 %


Vergil is a son of our lovely Halo. His father is living in the USA, but was born in the UK.

There is always an antagonist in a story. Usually, they are the one making the story interesting. Vergil has this role in our pack. While all our dogs would welcome everyone, does not guarantee Vergil will. He’s does not fit in a box and is extraordinary in any way. Vergil has very detailed and strong communication skills and a sharp mind. He is always on stand-by, which makes him an awesome and reliable partner on the job. He has energy for five, but one word and he will switch to off-modus. Whatever difficult task is given to him he will see it through going past his limits if needed. He keeps himself very clean, always licks his (and the other’s) food bowl blank, he does not mess with his water and nicely shares his food with others. He would not jump into a river or lake without asking for permission first. He will wake you up when you have nightmares, and he is as precise as clockwork when it’s about to get you out of bed every day at the same time. He also finds any wound or anomality on you and his sense for ‘unusual’ stuff is very accurate. When he was a puppy, he did the weirdest things that shows how intelligent he is. He totally loves to cuddle, and you can make him happy with a lot of soft pillows and putting Netflix on for him. Vergil trusts not easily but once he does, it’s for lifetime and unconditionally. His fluffy fur is to warm your fingers in, and he can ask so sweet for belly rubs. Though he often appears as tough guy, he is utmost gentle especially to all two- and four-legged pack members and the little stuff like puppies, kittens, insects… He loves balls and toys but is neither food motivated nor corruptible. Once on duty he will not be distracted by anything, even if a bomb detonates.

Vergil has a compact body frame and nice proportions. Therefore, he is very agile. He can do 360 degree turns while running, his jumps are powerful and he’s fast. Vergil’s coat colour and shading are astonishing and look different with every season. When he’s wet, he just looks like a stray wolf. Vergil loves to pull the sleigh and when I’m going on bike, he always wants to hold the end of the leash with his fangs. About his selection of good, respected or bad guys… our minds are at odd sometimes, often he looks at me for a hint, sometimes he will agree, sometimes not. I like his sharp senses and that little Rebellion inside him to protect us, but also his huge heart.

He makes lovely puppies. They are very cuddly, with a fun entertainment factor, have a lots of special characteristics, are playful and will love you to the moon and back. He also passes his wolf head shape and his thick coat. His litters have a nice diversity range of personalities, from gentle couch potato, fun guy, sporty companion up to a smart worker.

He’s a solid and reliable stud dog available to non-blue, or blue carrying CDA clear females. Frozen semen available.


  • Vergil has a typical type of grin. From the moment he was born you can see him grinning on many pictures and he still does it sometimes.
  • As a puppy of 7-8 weeks old he decided not to use his puppy pads anymore because he considered them stinky. He began grabbing my sleeve or wrist, telling me he wants to go potty outside.
  • When an other dog does potty in ‘his’ garden he will try to bury that stinky spot with his nose.
  • When he’s bored, he collects all little stones in the garden and puts them in my flowerpots.
  • He once picked all stuff out of my rubbish bin and sorted them all by type on one carpet.
  • Vergil was born by c-section and given right into my hands by the vet.

Usability Profile

Health- and DNA Tests

Hip/Elbow scoreResults
HD HD-A (Clear)
ED ED-0/0 (Clear)
OCD (Elbows and shoulders)Clear
LSR/LÜWType 0 (Clear)
Spine7 vertebrae
DNA testResults
MDR1N/N clear
DM – Degenerative MyelopathyDM/N Carrier (Not affected)
CDA Clear
DwarfismDw/N Carrier (Not affected)
BiteComplete Scissor bite
Embark COI24 %