Here you can find all about genetics, terminology, development and effects and how you can correct and optimize health, looks and temperament. Lethal genes and how to avoid undesired consequences.

Latest studies, sources and education material about inherited traits and defects. Which of them are genetically based? How to avoid defects in general and how do I remove them from the lineage. How do I recognize a vet that can provide suitable HD/ED x-ray pictures with reliable results?

Your new puppy arrived at home. What’s next? We appreciate to help you with training your puppy. Socialisation and confidence building of your puppy lies in your hands now. Tips & Tricks about training and feeding your little buddy.

In this section you will learn about different training methods and different trainers. For a beginner it can be quite confusing. We will help you to choose the most suitable training for your puppy and explain the options. Calming signals, dog language and your dogs senses. How you can learn to communicate effectively with your puppy. Collars, leashes & Co. and how do I use them?

Behaviour problems are most likely a result of poor communication between human and dog. A dog communicates pretty clear, humans don’t, well, not with dogs. You can find the problem actually on the other end of the leash. Did you miss out to socialize your puppy? Too laid back to finish the consequent and loving training you had planned before? Or maybe your dog just don’t understand you. How you can help your dog to trust you again and make him feel safe around you, without misbehaving. Let’s find the source for his behaviour and solve the problem.