May I introduce myself?

My name is Lucie and together with my dogs and my cats I live in Lochem (NL). Born in Prague but raised in Germany I now live in the Netherlands. Pets are a part of my life since 1996 and I couldn’t imagine a life without them. Since very beginning of my education and work as paraveterinary in a huge vet clinic and horse stud I studied all topics about breeding and training animals. And as I am working as an explosive detection dog handler my dogs are 24/7 by my side. Genetics and dog psychology are still my favourites today and will never get boring. Scientists have accomplished great steps forward in the past years when it comes to dog genetics and training, so there’s still so much to learn for me. In 2010 I started to provide workshops for  responsible breeders and passionate pet owners. A home without pets is empty and quiet.

Dogs, cats and horses are my daily companions since more than 20 years. All of my dogs (Dobermans, Jack Russels, a Foxterrier and a Dogo Argentino were trained to be service- or working dogs. Mushing is one of my favourite activities and even though my Dobermans made great sleddogs, I decided for a heavier class of dog, obedient and active with great companion dog qualities. The typical type of German shepherd, same as the Belgian shepherd I considered too driven and light weight, French shepherds too hairy and somehow back then I preferred a long, dense coat and I came home with a longcoated German shepherd or how we call it Altdeutscher Schäferhund. Aditionally it was a great choice for my breeding plan. A gentle dog with a solid, and friendly temperament, loyal, with a strong bond towards his family.

About breeding…

Like 20 years ago I began to breed rodents and studied all I could find about genetics. It took me just a small step towards dog breeding. After all I just had to expand my studies with anatomy, biology, vitality and genetical traits of the dog. Most of these things I still remembered from my veterinary education and I always loved genetics. In the past years I found out that the world is full of breeders, but hardly any responsible breeder with the knowledge I was used to see as fundamental for breeding. I thought it goes without saying, but I was wrong. Breeding is depending on good teamwork and I decided to share my knowledge in seminars and workshops. “To teach is to learn twice.” Do you want to know more about us? On the following pages you can meet our dogs and don’t forget to check out the picture album.

Breeding goals…

Health and temperament have utmost priority in our breeding lines. An optimized selection of dogs, knowledge and patience helps to create a companion dog with calm, friendly and solid temperament, trainability and will to please. Our dogs are all health tested, DNA tested and undergo temperament tests. We care for a good nutrition and socialisation. Selecting our breeding dogs wisely and worldwide will help provide unrelated breeding lines with best health and temperament, bone build and anatomy. We don’t care about shows and glamour. Harmony and the bond between human and dog is a very important factor in our breeding to provide a happy and well balanced life for our dogs. If you want to know more, check our page for sustainable breeding.