Ozai’s Legacy Zuko at Fenris Fangs

BreedGerman Shepherd Dog
RegisteredGerman Shepherd Longcoated (UKC)
Height65 cm
Weight40 kg
Wolf Content0 %
Breeding sireYes


Zuko is a perfect companion and family dog. He’s friendly and easy going. His happiness shines from his face and he has his fathers ‘happy smile’ but he resembles both his parents equally. He loves children and horses are his best friends. Zuko is confident and bonds quickly. He’s loyal and loves to goof around all day long. As white German Shepherd he has a sturdy but elegant body, big paws and a dense coat. He is still young and we look forward to see him mature.


  • There are not many white German shepherds in our part of Europe because it’s not according to the standard, while white German shepherds are common in other countries, like the USA. However they are a useful tool to increase genetic diversity, in German shepherds, same as for the Swiss white shepherd population.
  • Before Zuko was born, his father passed in a tragic incident. While we didn’t intend to get another puppy we decided to bring this white fluff ball home. Mainly because we wanted him to live with the family where his father lived before. Ozai loved that place and he had all the love and care he deserved, same as Zuko has now.
  • Zuko’s name derives from the anime Avatar ‘The last airbender’. Zuko is the son of Ozai, a fire lord. We wanted to use this as a link to his passed father.

Usability Profile

Health- and DNA Tests

HD A (clear)
ED 0/0 (clear)
OLO/LÜWType 0 – clear
Spine7 vertebrae
DNA testResults
MDR1N/N (clear)
Degenerative MyelopathyN/N (clear)
DentitionComplete Scissor bite
Embark COI25 %