Alpha & Omega Vergil Fenris Fangs

RasDuitse Herder
Geregistreerd alsOud Duitse Herder
Duitse Herder Langstokhaar (non FCI)
KleurBlue Smoke/Seal
Hoogte64.5 cm
Gewicht38 kg
Wolf Content0 %


Vergil is a son of our lovely Halo. His father is living in the USA, but was born in the UK. Vergil’s personality is as vibrant as his coat colour. This guy just won’t fit in any box. Though routine is totally not his thing, he loves some structure in life. He adapts quickly to  new situations. He’s a happy guy and very attentive to his master. During walks he does not approach people or animals by himself but he also does not like pushy strangers or dogs demanding his attention. Once loose he is social and does not seek any trouble, just doing his thing always an eye and ear into my direction. He does not even harm a spider or moth and will just enjoy watching it. Well flies make an excellent snack though. What I love most about him is his integrity and tidiness. He would never pick my food from the table or steal from the kitchen. He would rather endure the pain before doing potty in house. He keeps himself very clean, drinks without even one drop of water hitting the floor and he’s moving so gentle and precise in house he would never throw anything from the living room table. Because he is very loyal and smart it’s a pleasure to work with him. He is 100% focussed and the way he interacts is very clear and direct. Vergil is creative and has a good memory. In most cases eye contact or a hand sign is enough for him to understand what I ask from him. At home he is a laid back dog and very cuddly. He communicates in a really funny and sweet way. He loves visitors and visiting others. There’s no bigger joy for him then taking him on a trip. He has a strong personality, is courageous and a reliable guardian.

His compact and muscular build makes him very agile. Due to his smokey coat and piercing eyes his wolf-like appearance draws a lot of attention. He has strength and endurance and he loves to jump and run, play ball or doing scent work. Vergil loves every task he’s been given.

He makes wonderful puppies. Very cuddly and playful, loyal and obedient and open to everything new. He also passes on his wolfy looks, a wonderful coat and bright coloured eyes. He’s an experienced sire and knows his timing perfectly. Due to his loyalty, intelligence, perfect on/off switch and endurance we recommend him for litters with working or sport purposes, but also for active families.


  • Vergil has a typical type of grin. From the moment he was born you can see him grinning on many pictures and he still does it sometimes.
  • As a puppy of 7-8 weeks old he decided not to use his puppy pads anymore because he considered them stinky. He began grabbing my sleeve or wrist, telling me he wants to go potty outside.
  • When he’s bored, he collects all little stones in the garden and puts them in my flowerpots. He has a bucket full of toys and he can entertain himself for hours with it, placing and sorting all toys all across the room.


Gezondheids- en DNA Tests

Röntgen onderzoekUitslagen
HD HD – A (vrij van)
ED ED – 0/0 (vrij van)
OCD (Ellebogen en schouders)Vrij van
OLO/LÜWType 0 (Vrij van)
Wervelkolom7 Rugwervels
DNA testUitslagen
MDR1N/N vrij van
DM – Degeneratieve MyelopathieDM/N Drager
HaemophiliaVrij van
PRA/CMR/GlaucomaVrij van
CDA AlopeciaVrij van
Alopecia-XVrij van
DwerggroeiDw/N Drager
GebitVolledig schaargebit
Embark COI26 %